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Renuova believe that the natural right of everyone is to live in a healthy body and mind.

That is why, the massage must be always reliable, accessible and affordable.

Clients are also given a follow up with personalized lifestyle tips.

customer service

We are obsessed with providing exceptional quality.

Consequently, our service is excellent., n other words, our clients can be sure that we offer the best experience.

However if the client are not satisfied with the service, we offer full refunds without questions.

thriving community

The Renuova Massage success is due to the energy and intelligence of our team.

Certainly, everyone deserves to thrive for be best and truest versions of themselves.

As a result of that, our team follow these values through our daily organization’s practices and our best customer service style.  

forward thinking

We are innovating in massage therapy by keeping in touch with the expectations of our clients.

Also, we working with a graduated therapists from the main international centers of education in the fields of human health, body and mind.

With the latest treatment methods, we contribute innovative equipment and designed the world’s lightest mobile massage chair.

Renuova Massage

Was established in London, England almost 15 years ago.

In answer to our clients need to take time out when they are in motion, our stop & relax™ concept was born.

We are the number one event massage service, providing top quality professional and reliable massages and always exceeding our client’s expectations.


  • Brand Strategy 87% 87%
  • Customer Happiness 97% 97%

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Ania J. Russo


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