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We are always looking for positive, focused and innovative people. We accept all applications, even when we are not hiring.


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We are looking to fill in the following positions: Massage Therapists, Supervisors, Managers.

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Renuova Massage is a great place to work. We are unique in that our job assignments are located all over the world at venues and events where the working atmosphere is casual but we expect someone who is professional, organized, mature, timely and friendly. We have a wonderful time; this is a fun and exciting place to be a part of.

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Please email your resume to Ania J. Russo if you are interested in working for Renuova Massage.

Current positions:

Massage Therapists, Regional Managers

When working with Renuova Massage, there are many positive aspects I enjoy! It is a great way to be independent, to earn a fair living, whilst having lots of free time for myself! I like to be ‘in action’ while travelling and I get to know new places. I am happy to meet wonderful clients from accross Europe and the world! I deeply appreciate that I can do the job that makes real sense to me and that I get to actually help people through my massages! Thanks and.. Renuova, keep going!


Massage Therapist, Renuova Massage

a little about us…

Renuova Massage is a fast growing licensed and insured event massage company. We serve guests of consumer & trade fairs, sports events, music festivals etc. We are a groundbreaking brand to the global arena in the wellness industry. If interested, please take a moment to browse our social media platforms, links below, to discover more about Renuova Massage and its purpose.

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Want to invite us to your event? Have a question about our company? Want to know more about how we work or let us know your thoughts about our service? We want to hear from you! Please feel free to contact using the form or get in touch with our team directly. Thanks so much for your interest in our service.

Europe HQ address

144-6 East Barnet Rd, 1st floor, London, EN4 8RD, UK*

USA HQ address

2580 Hackberry Rd, Kingman AZ86401, USA*

*this is our HQ address and our service is on hire everywhere sun rises.


Opening hours: sunrise to sunset